heart in hand tattoos

heart in hand tattoos

heart in hand tattoos

heart in hand tattoos

As far as symbols go, the heart abounds in America. In our Western world, it has come to symbolize togetherness and love – especially love of the romantic or erotic variety. However, this is hardly a universal interpretation.

The heart tattoo design has many different meanings and for those of us who choose to wear one the personal meaning is as varied as the personality of the individual who makes it their choice for a tattoo. A heart with a dagger, knife or sword can represent betrayal but can also represent courage in the face of misfortune. A heart design with wings (which looks great on a lower back) represents a joyful, optimistic and free spirit. A heart with a rose usually represents romantic love while a tribal heart rendered in black can represent emotions under control. Hearts take on new meanings when they are combined with other symbols. For example a cute heart design formed from dolphins could represent a love for dolphins and the ocean. An angel heart or a heart with a halo can represent purity of spirit.What would the heart tattoo be without the well-known broken or bleeding heart? Sometimes pictured as half a heart, this is the symbol of lost love, primarily unrequited love, and we all know the term ‘heartbroken’ is used for extreme sadness and grief. Remember though, before you dash out and have a broken heart inscribed over your left breast, feelings, like all of life change. What you feel today about your lover’s scorn may change quicker than you think. Heart tattoo designs can represent the warmth of spring and summer seasons and the power of light. They are the center of life and the world. In the Tarot, hearts can also symbolize knowledge, love, life from water, and fertility, and a fortune of joy. There are abundant choices for the heart tattoo design. Whichever one you choose will give you something to think about every time you look upon it.

heart in hand tattoos

heart in hand tattoos

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