heart cross tattoos

heart cross tattoos

heart cross tattoos

heart cross tattoos

Despite the protestations of parents, preachers, teachers and bosses decrying the practice of getting any tattoos, even Christian themed ones, the modern youth seem to have reclaimed this ancient art and use it to worship God, Jesus and or the Holy Spirit. And while Christians still face dirty looks and a loss of credibility with some folk simply because they have tattoo, that��s nothing compared with the displeasure that their tattoos would have cause decades, centuries and millennia ago.

However, there is historical documentation of Christian inspired tattoos dating as far back as the late 5th Century. Then, a man by the name as Manim, had the following phrase tattooed on his thigh: ��Manim, the disciple of Jesus Christ��. Half of a century later, Procopious of Caesarea reported that several Christians of the later half of the 6th century wore tattoos of crosses or Christ��s name on their arms. Later, in 787, at the Council of Calcuth in Northumberland, a report of the Papal legates mentioned two different tattoos. The first were tattoos given in honor of pagan superstitions, and were forbidden to be worn among Christians. The later were tattoos worn or given for the sake of God, and for these were mentioned certain, unspecified heavenly rewards for the wearers.

During the Crusades, Crusader knights were often tattooed with a picture of a small cross design on their hands or arms to show that they desired a Christian burial. Also around this time, people embarking on holy pilgrimages to the Holy Land and other distant places would often get a tattoo during their absence in an attempt to prove that their claims of a pilgrimage were true.

When it comes to modern Christian tattoo, it can most likely be traced back to the times of the counterculture movement of the 60��s and 70��s. While sex, drugs, and rock and roll were waging a war against Christian culture, devoted Christians emerged who wanted to claim back lost Christian territory. One of the ways that they did this was to reclaim the practice of tattoo for God and Jesus, by getting tattoos that were inspired by Christian and religious symbols and images.

heart cross tattoos

heart cross tattoos

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