heart ankle tattoos

heart ankle tattoos

heart ankle tattoos

heart ankle tattoos

A rose by any other name… There’s something that is simply timeless about this flower, and no matter how many times you’ve seen or smelled one, a rose never loses its sensual impact. Maybe that’s the reason that roses are perhaps the most popular kind of flower tattoo for women.

Perhaps its more than the rose’s beauty that appeals to tattoo enthusiasts. After all, in the language of flowers, roses have quite a full vocabulary. Not only do their colors signify special emotions, the very state of the bloom as well as how many blossoms you choose to incorporate into your body art can actually be woven into a story that has personal meaning for you. You can choose to share this meaning with people that are close to you, or simply let them compliment you on the beauty of the design. Your secret can remain yours.

No matter what your tattoo looks like, the placement is crucial in order for the ankle design to look balanced. A stand alone tattoo usually looks best when centered on the outside of your ankle just above the knob of your ankle bone. A design that rings around your ankle also looks best when it rests just above the prominent bone, but you can allow one end to trail sexily down to the top of your foot if you like. The first step in designing rose ankle tattoos deciding just how large you want your finished artwork to be. Are you looking to make a bold statement that is sure to be noticed every time you reveal a little leg? Would you rather go with a design that is small and ultra feminine? You can have whatever you like; it just depends on your personal style and taste.Once you have a basic size in mind, you’ll have a better understanding of just how much detail you’ll have room for in your rose ankle tattoo. Keeping the language of roses in mind, here are some suggestions for designs. Don’t be afraid to take one of the ideas and put your spin on it. That’s what makes a tattoo truly unique and personal

heart ankle tattoos

heart ankle tattoos

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