heart and peace tattoos on bottom of foot

heart and peace tattoos on bottom of foot

heart and peace tattoos on bottom of foot

heart and peace tattoos on bottom of foot

The peace sign can be seen everywhere from t-shirts, to posters, bumper stickers, to key chains. The meaning for this simple symbol has expanded over time to mean many things other than its original symbolism of peace; it has also become an emblem for anti-war, and marks an association with hippie culture. Given all of the appreciation and acclaim it has received, it is not surprising that – especially in modern times – peace sign tattoos have become very popular.

Most peace sign tattoos show this symbol in a very basic form. It is usually just a simple black circle with a downward facing, three pronged fork. However, although many people like to stick with simplicity in design, they may also like to make their tattoo a bit more colorful and bold. For instance, you may see peace sign tattoos with melting rainbow colors; a raised, 3-D effect; or simple sparks of color throughout a black body.

Peace sign tattoos are often mixed with other symbols. You may see a rose vine wrapping around the prongs with blossoms bursting at random spots; you may also see the peace sign made entirely of vines, or even sprouting thorns (which is meant to symbolize a guarded peace). One idea is to etch this sign on the back of a tortoise shell. This mixture of symbols is not only eye-catching, but meant to express a feeling of serenity within one’s own ‘shell.’ Other popular symbols that are regularly entwined with peace sign tattoos are flames, cannabis leaves, and hearts.

It is not uncommon to see peace sign tattoos that are morphed into other emblems. One great example of this is the combination of the peace and yin yang signs, where the black and white are divided between the prongs, and the two small circles mingle amongst them on either side. You might also see the peace sign sprouting from a tree; shooting through space like a star, or turned into a Latin cross. An interesting idea would be to set the middle prong of the peace sign to reach from the top to the bottom of the caduceus symbol; the other two extending into the wings, and a circle surrounding the whole.

Peace sign tattoos have become common for a reason: they are familiar icons that have persevered through the generations, marking not only peace, but love, understanding, and perhaps even a bit of hope for the world around us.

heart and peace tattoos on bottom of foot

heart and peace tattoos on bottom of foot

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