heart and love tattoos

heart and love tattoos

heart and love tattoos

heart and love tattoos

Love tattoos are most regularly used to depict the deep feelings that the wearer has for a particular individual. This person might be a significant other, a family member or a child. Love tattoos may also signify a certain fascination a person has with the strong, often sensual emotion of love and all that goes with it.

When love tattoos are meant to show the emotions a person has towards someone specific, they may use a portrait-type image of them, usually with names and dates printed onto a banner, or circling the face. There may also be a wreath of roses (the modern symbol of romantic love), aster (a symbol of sweet, delicate love), and bluebell (the emblem for everlasting love). Other symbols used for this design may be fire, to signify passion; broad, bold circles to show the unending nature of the relationship; and, of course, hearts.

Some love tattoos take a less specific direction. These are normally single symbols like hearts, lips or even kanji script. Sometimes these images are melded together; for instance, two swans holding their beaks together, creating a heart shape. One interesting idea would be to place small flowers or opals (a symbol of both love and hope), within the open areas of a Celtic love knot.

Love tattoos are not all simple symbols and portraits. You can create an interesting design by taking the profile of both the wearer, and the beloved individual and melding them together. This design could easily take the symbol route, and morph into the shape of a heart, or have a large, blooming rose in the center. This style could also feature names and dates, as well as quotes, stories or poems of important significance. Another idea would be for the couple to be joined in an embrace and surrounded, and held together by rings, or red, purple or white ribbon.

Although love tattoos are generally used by a person who is actually in love, it is quite common for a person to be consumed by the idea of such a powerful and mysterious emotion, and want to express it with something as bold and lasting as love is supposed to be.

heart and love tattoos

heart and love tattoos

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