heart and key tattoos

heart and key tattoos

heart and key tattoos

heart and key tattoos

Heat, Lock And Key Tattoo Designs For Couples

So instead make the smart decision. That is get a tattoo that can easily be adapted or changed later if needed. You see a name is always just a name and it will always stand out if you ever change your relationship with that person. However there are many tattoo designs that you can still get that will not look as obvious and are much easier to alter or change.

Heart And Key

This is probably one of the most classic love tattoos or couples tattoo designs. The heart and key is a great tattoo and one that can so easily be adjusted in the future if need. One person gets a heart typically the female but not necessarily. This heart can be shaped a bit like a lock or at the very least hav ea keyhole in it or it can be wrapped in chains. Then the boyfriend, husband or significant other gets a key tattoo that matches the look and feel of the heart. These are most often done on the chest area but they don’t have to be. One novel idea can be to get a neck an chest tattoo a chain that goes around the neck and then a lock or heart pendant on the chest at the end of the chain.

Lock And Key

This is just another variation of the above ideas and instead of featuring a heart this one is more of a lock. Then the other person gets the key to that lock. The cool thing is these can be done in a wide variety of styles and even though you are only getting a lock there are tons of designs and different ideas that can be incorporated into the design. Think about what the lock is made out of and what it conveys. For example a gothic couple might want to get a skull lock with a bone key. While someone else might want more of an antique look or even a modern looking lock.

Half Heart

Last but not least you could always go with the most classic way a couple will highlight and show off their love and that is with half a heart. It is kind of like those half heart pendants that were really popular when you were a kid. Instead get your half heart tattooed on your body and have your significant other do the same. Then you will each have half of the heart that connects together to make one whole.

Whatever you choose any of the above ideas can easily be altered later in the unfortunate even t that something happens in the relationship and you are no longer together. This it can easily be fixed and either covered over or redesigned a bit and then you are starting off new.

Honestly it might not feel as romantic at the time but later in life it will save a lot of heart ache and regret and it is the intelligent choice

heart and key tattoos

heart and key tattoos

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