heart tattoos chest piece

heart tattoos chest piece

heart tattoos chest piece

heart tattoos chest piece

Everyone says that tattoos is the best form of self expression, but how expressive the tattoo is also depends a lot on the place where it is being worn. And when it comes to the best place for self expression through tattoos, chest piece tattoos top the list. Like in any other forms and types of tattoos, chest piece tattoos can also be worn in a wide variety of patterns. The main advantage of chest tattoos is that they can be covered when you have to go to office, and shown when you are going for a party or just to have fun.

Chest Piece Tattoos for Girls

Chest piece tattoos appropriate to be worn by girls are a lot different from those suitable for boys. As girls do not have to show much of their chest, tattoos worn by them are usually a bit smaller that those worn by boys. Moreover, these chest tattoos are more on the feminine side. But nowadays, the trend has somewhat changed, with women also wearing wild, big, and full chest piece tattoos on their upper chest till the neck.

Chest Piece Tattoos for Boys

As boys and men are more likely to go out without putting on a shirt, with a lot of space on their chest, these body arts can be larger in size and have intricate designs. In addition, men can also have chest tattoos combined with those on other places such as shoulders, neck, back of the neck, stomach, etc. Normally, chest tattoos chosen by men are daring and wilder; such as lions, eagles, dragon tattoos and similar others. These kind of tattoos look best on the chest of bodybuilders.

Chest Piece Tattoos

Coming to the designs and patterns of chest piece tattoos, it totally depends on the preference of the wearers. The simplest of these tattoos is lettering, which can be done in any font or the traditional old English format. You can have the name of your loved one tattooed, or simply a phrase that describes your way of thinking. You can also sport a religious tattoo to show your spiritual side, such as cross tattoos. You can wear such tattoos in the conventional blue ink, or add a wide range of colors and shades.

If you have a big design, colors would certainly look good, whereas for a small tattoo; blue ink is appropriate. A face of a lion can be a suitable tattoo for a person who wants to show off his aggressiveness. On the other hand, a tattoo of a heart with wings will display your softer side. A tattoo of a crown with flowers will show that you are more superior than the people around you. For women; butterfly tattoos, flower tattoos, and angel tattoos are most appropriate to be sported on the chest. You also have the option of including intricate tribal tattoos, Celtic tattoos, and others of the same kind into the body art on your chest.

heart tattoos chest piece

heart tattoos chest piece

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