heart rainbow tattoos

heart rainbow tattoos

heart rainbow tattoos

heart rainbow tattoos

I say that half jokingly, but let me share a little story with you to show you what I mean.

After the story, I’ll give you some great tips about creating your tattoo meanings, which I learnt the hard way from trial and error.

Are you a huge tattoo fan and don’t get a meaning of a tattoo you may see, a sort of deeper meaning? Don’t worry… you’re not alone. There’s lots of folks just like you, me too. Listen to my words: “getting a meaning from your tattoos is no big deal”.

That was not easy for me to get that because at first; I wanted to pull my hair out…

Take just a moment …have a closer look at ‘em. Feel ‘em…The tattoos all around you. Yeah, different folks get different meanings from the same tattoo designs, that’s right. What your tattoo means to you and someone else –can be like the difference of day from night.

I got this idea it is a good thing to get in touch with tattoo meanings before I get inked—For, me my tattoo reflects a deeper personality. When I see a tattoo; I get a feeling in an instant. The meanings hidden in tattoos may be plain or hidden. Dark or light. Black and white or in full vivid color; like marking a stage in your life…moving you into depression or personal power, you pick.

I like to strike up conversations with folks about tattoos and then go in deep for their meaning of ‘tattoo if it feels right. Hidden or underlying message of your tattoo is a way to discover something about your self or your friends. >>This can be a great way to meet that someone special too

Get this, my gf has a sunflower and it’s lovely. BUT for her it has meanings and stories that go back to childhood. Like for Phoebes’, her sunflower is about being in touch with nature and her life’s purpose. But if you go further still; she’ll share the sunflower is an expression of love and intimacy, lots of emotions can be tied up in tattoos. Don’t even get me started on that!

The splendor of your tattoos increases when you get a deeper meaning. Otherwise, they seem to be vague and not at all inspirational for you or others. You can find many of tattoos in different varieties—tribal tattoos, biker tattoos, Celtic tattoos, Butterfly Tats, dragon tattoos, clover tattoos and many others. The list is beyond infinite. Here’s what I did that make my February Dragon tattoo the best one yet.

I got in my chill spot, you know what to do. And I did some thinking about my tattoos and the tattoos on friends that I liked best. I got to the core of my meanings. Tattoos can tell stories of cultural; like traditional stories and personal mythologies. The ancient tattoos (you may have seen pictures) were and are symbolic of our ancestors’ rich or hard lives.

You’re get to a point of “Quest”. Your own quest for your tattoo story. I call it my vision quest or you may like inner quest. Could be your tattoo is your personal story or a combination of someone else’s story you can adopt. And it’s just as easy and simple as allowing yourself your own tattoo story

heart rainbow tattoos

heart rainbow tattoos

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