belgian girl face tattoos

Belgian girl receives EUR 3,000 to remove 56 star tattoos …
Kimberley Vlaeminck and the tattoo artist who tattooed 56 stars onto a third of her face agreed a financial arrangemen… < Belgian news | Expatica Belgium

What did she expect? Incredible face revealed of the man who …

‘I lied about tattoo blunder’: Teenage girl with 56 stars on her face finally comes clean … Clocher, a Belgian psychologist, said: ‘The trauma this girl must be feeling …

Star-faced Liar: Belgian Girl Asked for 56 Tattoos – ABC News

The Belgian 18-year-old who claimed she fell asleep while being tattooed only to wake up to find 56 stars permanently inked on her face has now admitted to lying …

Video : girl with star tattoos all over her face – Vidivodo

a belgian girl claims she had 56 stars inked on her face against her will after falling asleep in the tattoo parlour. – Vidivodo

Teen “Accidentally” Gets 56 Tattoos | momlogic.

She only asked for three, says a Belgian girl, but ended up with 56 stars on her face because she said she fell asleep during the procedure. Huh?


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