cherry blossom tree tattoos

cherry blossom tree tattoos

cherry blossom tree tattoos

cherry blossom tree tattoos

One of the most popular tattoo designs among women today are the cherry blossom tattoos. A flower from nature, the cherry blossom blooms with beauty. Both cultures of the Chinese and Japanese holds the meaning of the cherry blossom very dearly to their spirituality and everyday life.
If your decision is to get one of these designs, you should know the significance and symbolism behind the cherry blossom meanings.The tattoo of the cherry blossom tattoo is not only beautiful but it holds very special meanings.
Behind every tattoo there is a meaning that should be held dearly to your heart. Take a look at the many possibilities of designing your own cherry blossoms by browsing other designs or artworks that are available to you.You should also know that the Chinese and Japanese cherry blossoms are very distinct and differ from their symbolic meanings. The symbolism of the Japanese cherry blossom should not be mistaken for the Chinese cherry blossom symbolism, for they each have their own individual take on its meaning.To the Chinese cherry blossom it is very symbolical of power, feminine beauty or female dominance which frequently applies the idea of great power and the symbolization of love.

In the culture of the Japanese cherry blossoms are established on or around a very strong spiritual belief. That the nature of life is short-lived and it is considered very sensible not to get to close or connected to anything because it will elapse eventually. Primarily conceived to be a feminine design, in Japanese cultures the cherry blossom was an emblem that was carried by warriors by heart as in the Bushido code of loyalty and honor.

Source: inkednation


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