cherry and star tattoos

cherry and star tattoos

cherry and star tattoos

cherry and star tattoos

So you’re looking to get a cherry blossom tattoo? It is a beautiful flower as you can see from the image at the top of the site, and the fact it is on a tree branch means you can get the tattoo to wind round parts of your body, or take the path that you want, whereas most other tattoos have to take up a predetermined amount of space.
Cherry blossom tattoo meaning:

What does the cherry blossom tattoo symbolise? Well the Chinese and Japanese cultures see the cherry blossom in two distinctly different ways. The Chinese believe it symbolises power, love and femininity, so this is the perfect tattoo for a woman who wants to show her independence and inner strength.

In Japanese culture then because the tree blossoms for only a short time you get extreme beauty to enjoy but then it dies quickly, so to them it represents how precious life is and how little time we have on earth to enjoy it. So this is a great tattoo for someone who wants to show that they enjoy life and cherish every moment, or for someone who wants to be ‘reborn’ and the fact that the cherry blossom now blooms on your body can symbolise the birth of the new you. It also represents good fortune and love.

The cherry blossom is richly symbolic in the Japanese culture and you’ll find it in art, manga, films, musical performances and on all manner of products there too.
Cherry blossom tattoo design:

What kind of design should you get then? Well there are all sorts of different layouts and styles you can get for your tattoo, you need to search around and find a style you really like.

For instance when we were searching for the image for the header on this site, there were huge differences in the style and quality of the images, everyone represents the flowers in different ways, and you need to make sure you like the way the actual tattoo you are going to get looks like, if you just ask for a ‘cherry blossom tattoo’ at a parlour, then you might be disappointed with the result.

So you can check out a place like Chopper Tattoo which has a huge database of tattoos for you to browse through, you then pick the one you want, download it and take it to your tattoo parlour for them to do. Or you can check out our gallery below for inspiration.

Just make sure you go to your tattoo artist with a proper tattoo style image not just a photograph, otherwise they have to try and figure out how to copy it and if your tattoo artist is not that good at doing custom work (mine wasn’t) then you are really going to hate the result! (I had to have my custom work covered over with black as I hated it that much!). The images on sites like Chopper Tattoo are designed by professionals to make it easy for your artist to follow them.

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