celtic heart tattoos

celtic heart tattoos

celtic heart tattoos

celtic heart tattoos

People in the field of identifying artwork symbolism are not quick to specify the exact imagery of many Celtic designs, on or off the skin. The basic elements of Celtic design tattoos fall into clear cut categories, including spirals, knots and crosses, though it is most common to see two or three combined into one design. Hearts are not uncommon in Celtic artwork, and appear in a more modern form in tattoos and contemporary art pieces. Most commonly a heart interlaced with spirals and into knots also appears within and around crosses.

Modern Celtic hearts are loosely considered to be symbols of continuing love and faith as one travels through the winding landscapes of life. Spirals in the design add different meanings depending on their direction. If a spiral is open on the right side, it is considered to be moving in a clockwise direction with the movement of the sun and is blessing of good luck. If the spiral is open to the left, against the direction of the movement of the sun, it is a symbol of one’s harmony with the Earth. Spirals in heart tattoos will usually be grouped in threes or fours within the design, the former being a symbol of the Holy Trinity and the latter of the four directions: north, east, south and west.

A heart that is gently clasp by two hands on either side with a crown on top is the Claddagh. This symbol of love and loyalty is used frequently in Celtic tattoos and is commonly seen in jewelry as rings. There are many types of Claddagh designs that have subtle and not so subtle variations

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