celebrity pelvic tattoos

celebrity pelvic tattoos

celebrity pelvic tattoos

celebrity pelvic tattoos

Hot female celebrities and their sexy tattoos. That’s one sizzling subject to take on.

From neck tattoos and tramp stamps to ankle tattoo designs, nobody looks better in ink than our beloved female celebrities. And the fact that they are willing to show off their body art to the gaping public makes it all the more alluring to sneak a peek.

Here are 35 of the hottest female celebrities and their equally hot tats.This Victoria’s Secret Angel makes every runway event sizzle with her stylish ankle tattoo.It’s not at all surprising to see Phoebe Halliwell of the ‘Charmed’ wearing a rosary tattoo on her back. The tat adds spiritual effect to the already mystic/paranormal nature of her role.Instead of writing Cambodia, Ethiopia, and Vietnam, Angelina Jolie tattooed on her left shoulder the coordinates of the origins of her adopted children, Maddox, Zahara, and Pax.This semi-retired professional Tennis star who rose to worldwide fame because of her grand slam wins and knockout beauty is sporting a hot tribal tramp stamp tattoo that practically adds attitude to that already hot body.An image of a praying angel is what Beyonce chose to put on her upper left thigh. I guess this pop star is one funny girl, considering that something as wholesome as a praying angel gets to be placed very close to her delicate parts.Aside from the ‘Eleven XXII’ tattoo on the underside of her left her wrist, Carmen also has a sexy ‘R’ tattoo behind her left ear. Well we don’t really care what that ‘R’ means cause getting a peek at Carmen’s sexy neck is enough to complete our day.Everything in this ensemble looks great. Looks like Cheryl Tweedy knows how to carry a tramp stamp in a very stylish way.A pair of ankle tattoos and a pair of stylish heels: perfect combo for instant inked-up sex appeal.Those little red stars on Christina Milian’s hip really did their part in making their master shine like she’s born to wear that sexy bikini.

Source: mag


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