butterfly and fairy tattoos

butterfly and fairy tattoos

butterfly and fairy tattoos

butterfly and fairy tattoos

Whimsical Fairy Tale Fairy Tattoos

This is probably the most well known version of the fairy. It is basically childish and genderless caricatures of innocence and joy. We think of Thumbelina as the quintessential fairy tale, complete with fairy princesses and adventures. In modern times, fairies are not associated with evil, and there are many fairy tattoos that have this innocent aura to them.
Mischievous Fairy Tattoos

Some accounts of older fairy tales, warn the readers that the fairy kingdom has very different moral rules than humans. They may be either seen as mischievous beings that take delight in playing pranks on humans or as evil entities that steal children or witches in their own right. There are many fairy tattoos with this sinister quality to them. Just because one picks a fairy design, as their choice doesn’t mean they have to be nice.
Fairy Tattoos As Nature Spirits

Fairies can be associated with the nature kingdom as well as the magical kingdom. Fairy tattoos can have vines, leaves, flowers and other natural elements to them reinforcing the theme of a nature spirit. Some of the fairy designs are done with spirits of beings poking out of ponds, trees and the like. These nature spirits are a part of fairy tale lore.
Seductive Fairy Tattoo Designs

Although in most ancient fairy stories fairies are genderless, modern day fairy tattoos can have very sexy females for their motifs. Putting sexuality and magic together in the form of seductive fairy tattoos appeal to both men and wome


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