buck cherry tattoos

buck cherry tattoos

buck cherry tattoos

buck cherry tattoos

Since my copies of “15” and “Black Butterfly” are pretty well worn out, I was thrilled to see that Buckcherry is releasing a new album entitled “All Night Long”. It comes out on August 3, 2010 and it’s got a great track list.

Thanks to the guys at Total Assault, I recently had the pleasure of visiting with Josh Todd (lead singer) and Xavier Muriel (drums) of Buckcherry before their performance at the Common Ground Music Festival in Lansing, Michigan [pic]. They’ve been touring extensively to promote their new CD and have also been headlining for KISS during their Eventful North American Tour, soit’s safe to say they’ve done a ton of interviews about the band and the music, both of which are amazing. But I get to tell them we’re going to be talking about their body art and what tattoo enthusiast doesn’t like to talk about that? Josh and Xavier were no different and I had a great time getting to know more about them through their ink.

Tattoos Responsible for Buckcherry
Did you know that if it weren’t for tattoos, Buckcherry probably wouldn’t exist? Around sixteen years ago, Josh Todd was fresh out of a band and was getting tattooed when his artist, Kevin Quinn, told him about a guy he knew, Keith Nelson, who was also a musician. He suggested the guys meet, so one day Keith showed up at the shop while Josh was having one of his tattoos worked on. Josh said it wasn’t instant chemistry, but they decided to hang out and write some songs together and see what came of it. In 1995, Buckcherry was formed and Josh and Keith are still creating kick ass music together, so I guess there was chemistry there after all.

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