broken heart tattoos

broken heart tattoos

broken heart tattoos

broken heart tattoos

Since the early 1900s, heart tattoos have been a common selection for tattoo aficionados. As tattooing became more mainstream, it was commonplace to see men, usually sailors, sporting the typical red, round heart with “Mom” in the center. Soldiers leaving for World War II often made a trip to their local tattoo parlor to get a girlfriend’s name inked on a heart before heading overseas. Tattooing became more than just a cosmetic rebellion for the fringes of society; it brought people closer and helped servicemen take a small part of home into battle.

Today, tattoos are custom-designed to incorporate any number of symbols with many people developing their own heart designs. Better quality tattoo ink and the skill of tattoo artists make these a popular and personal choice for men and women of all age groups and backgrounds. Whether your tattoo will be a big, puffy, red heart with flowers or a grey sketch of Jesus with the flaming Sacred Heart, the most important thing you can do to ensure a good tattoo is to work with an experienced artist you trust. You should approach this task the same way you would look for a new doctor. Make sure the person you work with listens carefully to your concerns and ideas.

If you schedule a consultation at the tattoo shop before getting the the inking done, bring along photos of artwork or other tattoos you admire. The artist should be able to create a sketch based on your ideas or show you similar images in his or her gallery. Make sure you completely love the sketch before tattooing begins. You don’t want to spend the rest of your life with a tat that doesn’t make you happy.

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