broken heart designs for tattoos

broken heart designs for tattoos

broken heart designs for tattoos

broken heart designs for tattoos

Heart Tattoo Designs

Heat tattoos were probably one of the very first and one of the most popular tattoo designs since 1900. Yes the art of tattooing dates way farther back then that to really ancient cutlures and rites of passages. However, modern tattooing really began around the 1900’s and has developed as an art form since then. During the early days of tattoos hearts were a very popular subject matter. Sailors starting getting heart tattoo to remeber their girlfriends by while they were away.

In recent years with the new school style of tattoos developing which include new brighter inks heat tattoo have really made a come back. In fact the whole new school tattoo style has really revived a lot of the older out of style designs. These designs have been taken and worked with using the new inks and newer technques and they look great.

So if you are interested in a classic tattoo design and finding some pictures, galleries, or a point of contact as well as learn about the meaning and symbolism behind them then you will enoy it..

Source: hubpages


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