britney spears tattoos

britney spears tattoos

britney spears tattoos

britney spears tattoos

Britney Spears, 28, was spotted with some butterfly tattoos on her neck yesterday. Britney and her agent turned Papa Spears approved boyfriend, Jason Trawick, were photographed as the couple walked out of a Toys R Us.Britney, who already has tattoos on her ankle, lower back, and two at her, is sporting three butterflies cascading down her neck. Brit’s hair is pulled back away from her face to show off the new art.

Although I’m not a fan of tattoos on chicks, especially somewhere so visible, I would actually say that Brit Brit’s tattoos are cute, but I feel like she got inked impulsively, or to act out against Papa spears who is still her conservator. It’s like, ‘Why are you inking up yo neck all of a sudden if something’s not right upstairs?!’

Britney’s former nanny is also suing her for like $21k for unpaid wages from 2007.

Rihanna is addicted to tattoos, but surprisingly hers look more classy. Britney’s new art makes me think that she’s suffering from Peter Pan syndrome. She’ll be 30 before she knows it and now she looks like a damn coloring book.

Source: poponthepop

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